Getting In Succeeding Influencing Others Insights


Every person is imbued with a set of person-specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and other characteristics (like values, integrity, and personality traits). Our SharpenUrEdge™ Training Program and Ongoing Career Mentoring and Coaching enhance these skills, knowledge, abilities and other characteristics in young adults in order to provide them with a valued advantage when entering institutions of higher education and workplaces.

Our program helps young adults think differently about:

1) Getting In:

  • Prepare for behavioral-based interviewing for higher education and jobs.
  • Practice behavioral based questions and responses and learn story-telling techniques about one’s own scholastic and work experiences to elicit and exemplify five key behavioral dimensions.

2) Succeeding:

  • Engage in interactive, behavioral-based performance rubrics and scenarios to elicit and practice behaviors employers expect to see.

3) Influencing Others:

  •  Learn to deal and communicate effectively with different personalities, bad bosses, and challenging situations.

Why We Created SharpenUrEdge™ Training

Employers want to see employees demonstrate certain behavioral characteristics during the interview process and on the job. These behaviors will help young adults not only sharpen their edge against the competition during their initial employment phase and thereafter, but will help them be viewed as a value-added resource and a leader as they move into and upward within the workplace.

Young adults today are part of the most capable generation on earth.  Imagine, though, if they were cognitively smarter about people and the work world landscape and more clinically insightful about themselves and others.  Imagine further if they were more psychologically equipped to drive outcomes and face the challenges of the real world and the different personalities that make up that world.  And then imagine them phoning home to highlight their successes instead of calling about defeat . . . awesome thought.