Getting In Succeeding Influencing Others Insights


"Good content. High level and useful."
Paul J.,
"Just wanted to tell you how well-received your program was. I felt privileged to have started out my IMS career with such a distinguished faculty member. I plan on working you into another program soon."
Gail B.,
"When faced with an incredibly difficult decision regarding a job opportunity, Mara was instrumental in helping me see all sides of the situation and come to the most informed possible decision. She was a huge career resource to have at my side throughout the process, and the level of care and attention I received was nothing short of remarkable."
"Congratulations on being the TOP RATED SPEAKER at our Boston conference. People talked about your presentation throughout the rest of the meeting."
Kim R.,
"Mara Weissmann played a huge role in securing my first job at KSL Media. As soon as I graduated from college, she assisted with my interview preparation, speaking with me both on the phone and in person making sure I was comfortable, confident and ready for my interview. Mara was a true mentor to me in helping me assess my skill set, and helping me to understand that I would be best served for my future career if I focus on media planning. She had industry knowledge and helped me map out a strategic course for my entry level job search."
Hillary M. , University of Miami Class '10
"You were amazing. This was the first time that we’ve had a presenter capture everyone’s attention for an entire day. Everyone returned after the breaks which was a novel experience for us."
Barbara K.,
"Harvey was my favorite presenter, and I would have liked to have seen more of him"
Jane S.,
"Very good presentation."
Samuel M.,
"I just wanted to give you a long, overdue thank you. I am officially an intern at The Broadway League for this upcoming summer and I could not have gotten it without you. I really appreciate your introduction, advice, and insights. I am really looking forward to working there!"
Hillary G. , Class of 2015, University of Michigan
"Working with Mara helped me network into the field of my study of environmental science. Not having an internship, and struggling with ideas to find one, Mara was able to provide me with leads for job ideas and help me come up with many creative searches on the Internet for possible job leads. This help broadened my network base in the environmental science field and has gotten my name out to many different people and firms. Not only did she help me search for these firms, but she helped me reach out to them as well. Furthermore, Mara was able to look at my resume and provide me with suggestions that made my resume more professional and flow better to the reader. I thank Mara for all the work she has done with me!"
Sam G., College Student, Class of '14
"I was extremely nervous heading into my summer internship search. I felt badly underprepared for potential interviews and worrisome that I would not be able to properly sell myself to prospective employers. I have always considered myself a capable individual, but heading into my search I felt unready to handle the potential challenges one must overcome to be able to get a steady job or internship, particularly in today's highly competitive market. Mara Weissmann of SharpenUrEdge went out of her way to aid me in my search and gave me the advice I needed. Mara asked me questions about my background, listened, and then helped me formulate a strategy to succeed in my interviews. Mara's advice was both general (by which I mean it was applicable to job searches in any field) and personal (relating both to my particular field of interest, commercial real estate, as well as my background in sports as a college athlete). Mara told me the right questions to ask and the right way to answer the questions I would likely face. About a month later, I had earned offers for two ideal internships to last just over a three month span, setting me up for (hopefully!) great future success and an eventual job offer. I sincerely recommend Mara Weissmann and SharpenUrEdge for any prospective workers or students."
Taylor D., College Graduate '13
"People don’t lie when they say, “medical school is tough to get into.” Mara Weissmann gave me an edge that I lacked before I used her services. I was a qualified applicant – good grades, admirable volunteer work, strong MCAT – but I lacked confidence and a strategy during the interview process. Before I met Mara, I interviewed at several medical schools, all with the same outcome – rejection. I was clearly missing an essential component to the interview process, and I began to look for help. Mara was responsive and attentive – providing me with a list of 30 possible interview questions. She challenged me to answer each question, and used my responses to evaluate mystrengths and weaknesses. Mara gave me a mock interview. During this time, Mara would critique my responses and provide feedback on how to more compellingly “sell myself” to the admissions committee. That interview went great! I was confident in my responses, and for the first time, came out feeling good!

Mara’s help didn’t stop there. A few weeks after my interview, I was placed on the waitlist. Although a step-up from a rejection, it still was not as glorifying as an acceptance. Mara coached me through the waitlist process – providing me with strategic help in getting me from the waitlisted pool to the accepted pool. She critiqued my letter of interest, advised me on how often I should call the school, and most importantly, never gave up on me. I am grateful to have worked with Mara Weissmann, because on August 8th, 2011, I was accepted to Temple University School of Medicine."

Justin C., 24 years old, Medical Student
"Thank you so much for taking the time recently to speak to our leadership team on versatility and behavioral styles. Your coaching on being a versatile leader really resonated with people as evidenced by the enthusiasm in the room. Your speech came at a critical time of change and I’m sure we will all be able to use key points to improve the way we interact both personally and professionally. Thanks again for giving your valuable time to help us be better leaders."
Brigit S.,
"Wish we had had more time with Harvey. His areas of expertise would have been a great area of focus for more than the morning."
Martin B.,
"In my opinion, Harvey was the best presenter with his style and real world examples."
Susan B.,