Getting In Succeeding Influencing Others Insights


How Does SharpenUrEdge™ Work?

The interactive workshop is broken down into three modules: Getting In, Succeeding, and Influencing Others. Each of these modules focuses on a single set of five behavioral dimensions that employers seek both during the interview process and from the new and experienced employee.  SharpenUrEdge™ workshops include large and small group discussions, brief presentations by SharpenUrEdge™ leaders, and extensive interactive practice sessions. Each participant will walk away with a different way of thinking, new knowledge, and personal and professional confidence to create a positive impression on the interviewer, future colleagues, and future bosses.

Who Uses SharpenUrEdge™?

The people we expect to attend this workshop are those who are either currently seeking entry into higher level academic institutions or entry into the workforce and those who are currently in the workplace: Individuals of any age, with or without work experience. This training is for anyone who seeks a significant edge, from an intellectual, emotional, and behavioral perspective, over his/her competition.

  • In-person/on-site workshop of Module 1 as a single workshop (2 hours), Module 2 and Module 3 (1/2 day workshop) or all three Modules (full day workshop). Each workshop will have no more than 30 students-designated times and places to be announced based on attendees;
  • Educational Institution and Corporate Workshops (a full 3 Module program) for up to 30 students/employees (Module One for corporate workshops for new hires will focus on a deep dive into the behavioral dimensions and eliciting those behavioral dimensions through story-telling techniques as a social skill tool);
  • A certification workshop for those individuals who apply and are pre-screened and who want to become teachers and mentors of SharpenUrEdge™ training;
  • Ongoing one-on-one Career Mentoring and Coaching throughout one’s career (via telephone, skype or email) for an annual fee (SharpenUrEdge™ graduates are entitled to a discounted annual fee).